Baron’s tall tales

Prompt  ….

Thank you Barbara Taylor for supplying our prompt photo this week!

It looks like a city – buildings taller than trees. The inhabitants appear to be human but are strangely dressed. I wonder what is behind those large glass doors.

I was chasing the tiger and then I fell down a rabbit hole ……… and found myself in this place. What year is this …… 1895 or 1894.  How shall I narrate this adventure?  A better view would help. If this was real jungle I could have climbed a tree but how to climb these steep buildings.

Finally the Baron found his way across the river and watched the skyline from a bench. It is Utopia from here.  All of a sudden the sky darkened, the winds thundered and lightening streaked the dark sky.

The Baron found himself back in the jungle. He had just shot the tiger ………

Back at home in 1896.

So where have you been this time? Brigadier asked.

I have been to another planet – the houses were taller than trees and the wild animals carried muskets……         

Words ~ 172
For more about Baron visit


Thank you Priceless Joy



7 thoughts on “Baron’s tall tales

  1. Hahaha! Falling into the rabbit hole and finding yourself in 2016! That would be mind blowing if you were coming from 1896! Great story, YS! I have to admit though, I’m a little confused over the line of the humans carrying muskets??

    • The basic idea of the Baron’s character is borrowed from Baron Munchhausen a teller of tall tales. It was his interpretation of modern day fire arms.
      His adventures are available on project Gutenberg as free e books under the name of ‘The surprising adventures of Baron Munchhausen.
      It was also filmed in 1988.

      Thanks for the interest.

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