Their fight for vote

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by phylor. Thank you phylor for our prompt photo!
The crowd grew loud and angry as Inez an Attorney led the grand procession of suffragists down Pennsylvania Avenue on March 3, 1913 – a day before Woodrow Wilson’s presidential inauguration.
A crowd of roughly half a million people gathered to watch the women and the accompanying floats. Ere long  those against the march hurled crumpled copies of the program and it was free for all as the women retaliated. The police just watched.
“If my wife were where you are I’d break her head!” A policeman pushed a woman off her feet because she slapped a man who spit on her. The policeman got his just retribution from the women asking for the right to vote.
All of this is well documented history. However, few know that the said policeman broke the hands of many female statues in the following week. Some were repaired and others replaced over time. I am sure some of you have noticed the missing hand of Serenity Statue.  
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