Within the hallowed interiors

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

Oxford has produced 27 British PMs and 14 of them were from Christ Church.

Oxford can also hold its own against Cambridge when it comes to espionage. Double agents aside, five of the 17 heads of MI6 have been Oxford graduates, as have four of the 17 heads of MI5. The grand library has played a central role in this achievement.


The tall man in grey was sitting at his usual place, the corner table facing the main entrance by the window. The mousy lady-librarian was sure the book he was working with was The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown (1896) by Phillips-Oppenheim.

She waited till he walked out, and then walked to the shelf marked spy-fiction; the book was in its exact spot. She took the book home.

Tracing the erased pencil marks, she prepared a note and posted it the following morning.

Its deciphering in a backroom in Washington precipitated a flurry of calls between White house and Pentagon.

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