No escape

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copyright-Rich Voza

PHOTO PROMPT – @ Rich Voza
A flight sergeant led the small group of acting pilot officers to a de Havilland Vampire. He told them about its features and the role it had played in the second world-war.
Finally they were allowed to inspect the plane that they were going to fly for fighter training.
They marveled at the compact cockpit and the extraordinary power that allowed it to fly at 40,000 ft. However they were unable to detect the ejector mechanism in the single seat and queried the sergeant.
It has no ejector seat, sir. You fly in it or you die in it.  
Words ~100
de Havilland Vampire Mark-9 is the only jet RAF has ever used that had no ejector seat.


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



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