The real story

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copyright -Janet Webb

At least ten farmers have killed themselves every day on an average, for last ten years in Maharashtra state of India. The bureaucracy believes ‘Everybody loves a good drought’.
News Item -June 2016
Heavy rainfall has helped ease the widespread drought in Maharashtra. Unfortunately the rains have replaced drought with floods. The meteorologists fear that flood-drought-flood cycle may continue for a few decades.
In another dimension….
The Supreme Being concentrated & summoned the horned one.
I just revealed a few facts about wind, weather, and ocean conditions. They did the rest.
Words ~ 91
In October 2013, I described an ad clip to tackle this prompt.



Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



18 thoughts on “The real story

  1. Terrible news, but wonderful story, YS. I hate how climate change is affecting the world and some (maybe even many) in the U.S. are blind to it. Here I am, in a very rural area; you can’t see oncoming traffic at most intersections because the corn is so darn high . . . and I’ll bet these farmers here probably can’t contemplate that farmers in India are committing suicide due to (what solid science seems to say) our choices and nonaction over here in the supposedly rich countries. Oh, gad; you’ve got me started now, Y.S. Key word: empathy for other people (in other countries; imagine that, she says sarcastically to her countrymen and -women).

  2. It’s so terrible to read of that many suicides. It’s just unacceptable, and something needs to be done. Just try to get those in charge of the bureaus to actually accomplish change, though. I can understand why the farmers get discouraged. To say something silly like all of us loving a good drought shows a total lack of empathy and willingness to change. Good research and writing, Yarnspinnerr. —- Suzanne

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