15 days of Brinjals

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with the Story Teller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

My Nana (maternal grandfather in Hindi) loved egg-plants (aka – aubergines / brinjals). He loved it mashed, fried, curried and even frittered. No wonder, that he loved the brinjal-patch best on his extensive farm.

All were surprised to find him destroying his brinjals row by row one day.

A little inquiry revealed that my Nani (maternal grandmother) had been feeding him brinjals for the last fifteen days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On being asked the reason she led us to the barn that contained tones of brinjals. ‘I hate wasting food’, she said with tears in her eyes.

‘Where did they come from?’

‘Nana decided to experiment with Bt brinjals’.

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Bt brinjals is a genetically modified version of eggplant. Currently there is raging debate  about it in India. For more information visit


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17 thoughts on “15 days of Brinjals

  1. I think if I were being fed eggplant 3 times a day, day after day, I might go out and kills the plants too and especially if they were genetically modified! LOL! Great story!

  2. Yeah I agree with PJ Yarnspinnerr. It’s unfortunate how your favourite foods, can turn to foods you hate after having to much if them to often. Poor Grandpa. Interesting Grandma was making genetically modified eggplants so they would always grow. What will she feed Grandpa now?

  3. I can honestly say I wasn’t aware of that raging debate. It’s good of you to include that in our writing, especially if it’s important to you. And I agree about having too much of what you love could eventually create a taste aversion. But I think Nana was destroying the plants because he felt they disrespected the authenticity of his favorite meal. Yeah, I can see how that’s a hot debate in real life.

I love arguments

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