The millionaire

Prompt  ….
This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor.
Mr Mulligan is not a millionaire but aspires for it.  Inspired by this photo he organized the first horse and car race on a modified horse raceway. As always his friends hooted with laughter – his fantastic ideas were a constant source of mirth among his friends.
Fortunately, Mr Mulligan had thought this one out – a good car is faster than a horse on a good road. The top speed of a race horse is around 40 mph for a few miles. However, horses can go where cars cannot and so would be faster if there were obstacles on the raceway.
The event was watched by a few thousand persons but millions gambled on it on the net and only a few of them backed the horse.
Mr Mulligan and his cartel of bookies made a packet. He sold the idea to a company that developed it into a web game.
Mr Mulligan is now a millionaire many times over.
Words ~ 161


Thank you Priceless Joy



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