The origin of your drink

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Copyright-Ted Strutz

Dom peered at the shelves in the pub. He was searching for his favorite JWB. Suddenly he realized that there was not a single name he was familiar with.
The bartender knew that look  ………. ‘what is your pleasure today, sir?’
I would be happy with a large JWB!
 We do not serve that type of alcohol, sir!
What kind do you serve here?
We do not serve alcohol made by fermentation. All alcohol here is derived from ethene through cracking of crude oil.
———— You mean you serve alcohol made from mineral oil.
Yes sir.
Dom walked out.
Words ~ 99
This is my third post on this prompt. May be you would like to visit them as they are indirectly related.


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


18 thoughts on “The origin of your drink

  1. Nice take. He doesn’t want any special liquor, only his old favourite made the old fashioned way, whatever the process.

    • Taste makers and flavoring agents are easily managed. For example all whisky manufactured in India (Indian made foreign liquors ~ IMFL) is made from molasses. It simulates foreign whiskeys quite well.

      Mineral ethanol as a food item ….. Uggh.

      Thank you.

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