What a waist

This is a follow up of my earlier post on the same prompt.

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The human trials of Wasparin the slender-waist-drug derived from yellow-jacket hornets gave promising results initially. The volunteers lost fat from their waist and attained the ideal hip-waist-ratio.
The fashion-industry looked forward to its successful outcome and strategized their products and marketing campaigns around the ideal waist size of 24 inches for women and 29 inches for men.
The cardiac-industry declared high hip-waist-ratio a risk factor for heart-attack.
Unfortunately adverse drug reactions surfaced at this stage. More than 90% of the volunteers suffered from benign bilirubinemia – characterized by yellow skin and intense itching.
‘This is the Hornet’s ward.’  commented Alec Smart.
Words ~100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



16 thoughts on “What a waist

  1. The thing with many drugs, there are always side effects. And if it’s a relatively new drug, the don’t know the long them results. Lovely to have a thin waist, but not so lovely to be yellow and inch. I’d ween off if that. ‘The Hornets ward’ excellent name 🙂

  2. As my late husband, a hospital consultant, commented many years ago when yet another wonder-drug was launched amidst rapturous acclaim, “Watch out for the sting in the tail, every drug has its pluses and minuses.”

  3. There’ll always be side effects. Turning yellow and itching seems quite mild compared to some. The desire for an easy way to improve the body shape is always with us. We want the quick fix. Fun story, Yarnspinnerr.

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