Extreme Engineering

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Iain Kelly. Thank you Iain!

One can fly a helicopter only after extensive training as it needs specialized knowledge, skill and hands-on experience.

The Helicar project was started with the objective of developing a simply-manouvered personal air vehicle for traveling between the home and the workplace. The Helicar would fly at a low altitude in urban areas, be autonomous and would not require ground-based air traffic control as it would fly outside controlled airspace and the routine air-traffic would remain unaffected.

The project engineers replaced the helicopter’s cyclic stick (responsible for movements around the longitudinal and transverse axis) with a spherical-steering wheel so that the driver/pilot simply needed to turn it in the intended direction.

The prototype was successfully tested.  Unfortunately at the final demonstration –  the chopper had to swerve around two ladies leaning from their windows and gossiping across the alley on 47th floor. The results were dramatic and drastic.

The Helicar project had to be abandoned.

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15 thoughts on “Extreme Engineering

  1. What an interesting idea Yarnspinner, although, you can see trouble coming from a mile away with this project. Terrible the ending was such a disaster. Hope the ladies were okay at least.
    Wonderful writing.

  2. Oh wow. I knew trouble was coming, but I didn’t expect it to be that. The imagery of those two ladies leaning out to gossip is clear, and so is the disaster that ensues. What a shame. And as Graham said, back to the drawing board. Good job!

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