Stairs to other world

Prompt  ….

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Joy Pixley. Thank you Joy!
The old lady huffed and puffed but she kept climbing the stairs. She was panting by the 33rd step.  She could hardly breathe but she lugged on.
A parallel set of flimsy stairs beckoned her ……
However, she continued on the solid wood stair case  till the 42nd and then rested against the banisters.
The lady had been sick for some time. Medicines had failed to help her. She had been extremely distressed for a last few days.
On Tuesday, she passed the night gasping for oxygen. The physio came and gave her the regular massage, the nurse sponged her and gave her the usual pain-killers and fed her the cereal-in-milk – surprisingly she ate it without a protest almost relishing it. As she fed her the last spoonful thanking her stars that the job was over without the usual fuss, the lady slumped down.
The nurse examined her and found no pulse or heart beat.
She had finally crossed over to the ephemeral stairway peacefully.
Words <175
My mother passed away on Wednesday morning. Watching her go gave me – the idea for this piece and I am sure my Mum would not mind my sharing this with you all.

Thank you Priceless Joy


23 thoughts on “Stairs to other world

  1. My sincere condolences. A very painful task to just sit by and watch helplessly as your parent struggles and strains against the odds until the time comes to slips away.

  2. Sending you my condolences, Yarnspinner. Losing such a close relative is always distressing and it will take some time for your grief to lessen. Your story is a lovely tribute to your mother.

  3. I also learned that writing about a personal sorrow can be cathartic. I offer my condolences and sincere good wishes that you may find comfort through expressing your deepest thoughts by recording them in the same way.

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  5. A wonderful metaphorical story going on as the old women climbs the stairs, compared to her failing health in life and her death, the end of the stairs.

  6. Sad to read of your loss, when I lost both my parents two years back, I did find that for a while it coloured my writing. But in the end I was please about that. For writing has help me come to terms with my sadness. I wish you well. MIKE

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