Access denied

Prompt  ….


The web page showed a long corridor with shuttered shops.  The millionaire’s mall appeared on the screen in small lettering along with a request for secure e-mail.
JT had found the site researching for life-style of super rich. Google said it catered to all needs of the super rich.
Hesitatingly JT typed in his mail address.
A small square flickered to life. It showed his name & phone number and a balance-sheet scrolled down.  Estimated Net-worth 5576 $.
Entry denied. Minimum Net-worth for entry is 1 m US$.
The economic divide is securely locked and sealed thought JT.
Words ~ 99


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



26 thoughts on “Access denied

  1. Is there any privacy, the inter web steals, looks and watches constantly. They knew your net woth… nasty business i say. Great interpretation p.s. I’d not let them find the billion under the tree in your garden or you’ll be bombarded with emails and persistant sales calls. 😇

  2. That’s an extremely interesting and unique take on this prompt I like it a lot. It’s frightening that the site would know how much you’re worth. Like your main character, I’d really like to see what’s in those different shops? More than Armani, Channel, Dior, and the like I suppose?

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