The Special Ingredient

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Maria with the blog, Doodles and Scribbles. Thank you Maria!

My mother was frantically searching her mother-in-law’s (my grandmother) kitchen cabinet. The cabinet that was overcrowded with kitchenware and culinary items was nearly empty. All the items were on the floor in an ungainly pile.

I was watching her from the other end of the cavernous kitchen.

My father walked in looked at the scene and remarked – You had been waiting for a chance to search for her secret cache of jewels.

Aw don’t stand there taunting me ….   HELP. Mother retorted.

Help you with what?

I am looking for the secret ingredient she uses in Kormas, Biryani, Phirni, etc

Oh why did you not ask me – I get it for her.

I could not help smiling as everybody in the family knew.

You knew?

Yes, even Chutki (that was my name) knew.

Then Badki (my elder sister) would also know it?

Yes, she also knew.

So why did I not know?

You were too proud to ask!

Words ~ 159

Thank you Priceless Joy



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