The strategic move

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Iain Kelly. Thank you Iain!

The Prime Minister came from a humble background. He had experienced life and human nature first hand. He was a graduate of the Market-street University. It taught him the many nuances of politics and the forces that drive men in power. It was here that he learned strategy watching men play chess.

He took charge at a time of great turbulence. The society was in strife internally. It also faced a risk of disruption from external forces.

He tried conservative measures with little effect. Finally, he tried an Intermezzo and banned all paper currency and switched to digital currency.

The forces that preferred status quo are still to make the next move.

Words ~ 111

Thank you Priceless Joy



16 thoughts on “The strategic move

  1. The Prime Minister leaned to be a good strategist ‘on the factory floor’, so to speak (i.e. the Market Street University). Watching the strategies involved in a game of chess evidently served him well in his future role as a leader. Well done.

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