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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Barb CT of the blog, Gallimaufry. Thank you Barb!
An unemployed man used to passing his days sitting on Thalassery-pier with a fishing rod to escape his wife’s nagging was commanded by his wife to catch a fish every day or stay out.
He felt the line going taut and he tried to remember all the tips written in the fishing book the tourist had given him. His hands ached and instinctively he knew …… he was going to lose this fish too –  he will have to sleep in the open without dinner.
It was time to be resolute  …… and he dived in to the sea. The fish was real big one and it kept slipping …… finally he got a hold. It pummeled and flailed at his body but he held on with all his strength. After a long time the fish seemed to go flaccid and he carried it on his shoulder ashore.
The bed was in shambles. He was holding his wife’s flaccid body by her neck. He had killed her in his nightmare.
Words < 175
This is a rehash of one of my older posts

Thank you Priceless Joy



23 thoughts on “Thalassery-pier

  1. I probably should feel sorry for the wife but if she refused to let him in unless he caught a fish then I don’t feel sorry for her. He is just acting out his frustrations in his dreams! Great story YS! Sure makes you stop and think…

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