The English Lute

Flow my tears, fall from your springs,
Exil’d for ever let me mourn;
Where night’s black bird her sad infamy sings,
There let me live forlorn.
From a lute song “Flow my tears — John Dowland
Prompt  ….

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudeberg

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg.

British Ambassadors sent to the court of Moghal-Kings by the East India Company to seek trading permissions were a disadvantaged lot. They were stunned by the flamboyance of their extravagant life-styles.

One such ambassador presented his personal lute to the Moghal emperor as an obligatory gift. The King called it a toy and refused to recognize it as a musical instrument.

The ambassador played a musical-suite by Dowland to convince the King. The suite was a melancholy lament of lost love and the last crisp-note brought tears to the King’s eyes and he said I have never heard such music.

Words ~ 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



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