We love our demons

Prompt  ….



The humans loved the little demons. The little demons were mischief-mongers and patrons of carelessness, self-love, egoistic behavior and grasping nature. 

The big demons responsible for governing the little demons got fed-up of their antics. They captured all the little demons and locked them behind a chained door.

In absence of the mischief of little demons all the people lost their specific characters and often it was difficult to recognize one from the other.

The demon-king came to know of this and ordered all the little demons to be released as he needed his regular dose of hate to survive.

Words ~ 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



12 thoughts on “We love our demons

  1. Really interesting piece. Reminds me of Pandora’s box, except the biggest demons are already out. Maybe it’s the tiny one’s that are most difficult to deal with. And as you say, maybe our flaws define our personalities in a sense.

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