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Thank you Louise, with The Storyteller’s Abode, for our photo prompt this week!

Women are important to a culture for social and biological reasons.  There is a long list of extraordinary women in history, mythology and literature. We know of these women from many sources including sculpture and paintings.

Mr Peter Halley, a tea planter of Assam had realized his social and financial aspirations and he displayed his position and wealth as per the traditions of the age. A portrait of Lady Ruth Halley decorated his morning room in the Victorian style bungalow he had built on his plantation.

The complete portrait was revealed only on certain occasions – when Peter wished to remind Ruth of her unspeakable past. The back of the painting revealed another painting of Ruth – promiscuously displaying her physical attributes in nude.

Words ~125

Thank you Priceless Joy



10 thoughts on “Retro-version

  1. This man sounds a very vindictive and manipulative type. He evidently had some need to keep Lady Ruth in her place by shaming her. As a self-made man, could he be jealous of the aristocracy, who were ‘born into’ money, I wonder? The story behind your piece must be very interesting.

  2. I don’t like this guy. He’s using the painting to control her. He’s manipulative, as if women didn’t have enough to deal with in that era. Hopefully, he got cholera or something that they couldn’t cure yet. Great write!

  3. What a horrible man! I hope he meets with an ‘unfortunate accident’ (unfortunate for him, that is), and leaves Lady Ruth free of his controlling and manipulative ways. Good story.

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