Prompt  ….

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade Wong. Thank you Jade!

His peripheral vision caught the green-flash ….. but he kept shaving. He had just put in a new blade in his classic double edged Gillette and it required full concentration.

The flash distracted him again as he was drying his face. Must be a new addition – Midha was so fond of knick knacks.  He would look it up later and continued with his toilet.

The green-earring caught his eye as he removed the partially drawn bath-curtain. The few hairs around the earring appeared as tendrils of an aquatic-plant.  Light from the green glass of the sky-light gave it a surrealistic halo. The green gown floating on the water surface – thoroughly scared him.

Suddenly the door-bell chimed.  He was not sure what to do ……… look in the bath-tub or attend the front door. The chimes became insistent.

He opened the door and Midha entered.


The bathtub with all the lights turned-on looked used and mundane with the green gown in one corner and an earring stuck in a crevice near the hot nozzle.

Words <175

Thank you Priceless Joy



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