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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Maria. Thank you Maria!

The force of the blow stunned him. He was flying for a few seconds before he fell flat. He felt as if each vertebrae in his spine had been cracked open like monkey-nut shell.

The taste of bile and hydrochloric acid spread in his mouth. His abdomen hurt and then the coughing shook him up like a 10 Richter earthquake – bloody mucous spilled out like lava from an active volcano.

He lost the sense of time and woke up to gentle cleaning of his face. With great reluctance his mind recognized his little dog – Wiinny. It wanted him to get-up and play. His body refused to move.

The neurons somehow recovered with extra adrenalin. The frontal cortex took over the role of his psychiatrist and preached …….  you must learn – not to venture in empty streets especially in a country of 131 million people competing with each other.

Words ~ 151

Thank you Priceless Joy



6 thoughts on “Mugged

  1. Nice writing, but I wish people didn’t hurt one another this way, YS. You really further humanize the story with the little dog’s appearance, I think. And I really like the comparison to the monkey-nut shell. (Oh, and that second graf . . . you should consider writing [more] horror!)

    • I would be happy if all the mindless violence could be stopped. Unfortunately it is built in the genetic structure of animal world and despite million years of evolution and thousands year of civilization the ‘peaceful’ human race is a mere utopian philosophy.

      Thank you for such a generous comment.

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