Of time and history

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This week’s photo is provided by Iain Kelly. Thank you Iain.

The old man ran to escape the two  horse-riders. 

The men were just a few paces behind and as the one ahead leaned to catch him – the pursued man raced in to the sea and soon was racing over the water towards the ship in deep water.

One of the men followed him till his horse stopped when the water reached its neck. However, the man leaped in to the water and swam after the old man. The horse-rider caught hold of the old man’s cape just as he was climbing the ship’s side.

Who was the old man, Baron?

He was the ‘old-year’ fleeing to meet the ship that would take him to history.

You mean you nearly caught hold of ‘time’, exclaimed one of the listeners enjoying the Baron’s tales.

You are telling taller and weirder tales in your old age, Baron – commented the Brigadier.

Words  ~ 145

For more about Baron click-here.

Thank you Priceless Joy


Happy New Year.


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