The forsaken lamp

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Grant-Sud. Thank you Grant

It is believed that one Hanna Deb, a Syrian story-teller from Aleppo, narrated the tale of Aladdin’s lamp to Antoine Galland.  Unfortunately Galland did not tell the complete story.

Blessed with the power of the genie, Aladdin wanted to rule the world and ordered the genie to transfer all his powers to him. The genie refused as he could not do so without the consent of the genie-king.

Aladdin cajoled the genie to take him to his King.  The genie agreed and instructed Aladdin to hold on to the lamp and not keep it on ground coz if he did so the genie will be free of the lamp.

In a rocky-canyon the genie worked his magic on Aladdin’s bladder and the knot of his trouser-strings.  Aladdin was in a tough situation balancing the lamp, controlling his urge and trying to unravel the knot. Finally Aladdin gave up the ludicrous struggle and relieved himself.

The genie chuckled and chortled.  He was also finally free of the lamp and lived happily ever after.

Words ~ 172

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23 thoughts on “The forsaken lamp

  1. Interesting. I guess the Disney story of Aladdin wasn’t so true, we think its Jaffar who attempts to rule the world. But I’m happy the genie in the end, is free. That’s the best part 🙂

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