Manipulating Rivers

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!
The Great-leader needed ideas to fulfill his electoral promises.  He called a meeting of his advisors (somehow Dom had got himself selected to this august group).
GL outlined his problem and asked for suggestions.
A senior advisor suggested riverfront development – essentially it is river-bank beautification and real estate development that would help to raise funds for the government and the party. By linking it with river restoration and water transport – it helps to assuage the moral middle class that is so bothered with environmental pollution, the advisor explained.
GL nodded his head wanting to know more.
It would provide lucrative government contracts to your work force and also generate jobs – another advisor.
GL appeared to be convinced.
Rivers cannot be cosmetically dressed up. They are a force that nurture the world but if maltreated tend to disappear, interjected Dom.
GL – How long does it take a river to disappear?
Dom  – Sometimes just a few decades.
GL’s eyes twinkled – I doubt if I shall last for more than a decade.
Words  ~ 171
For more on Dom click here.

Thank you Priceless Joy


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