Post Rain

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jessica Haines. Thank you Jessica.

It was the first rains at his new school. Surprisingly when he reached the school – he found it closed.

At his old school, the rainy days were fun. The teachers would allow them to play in the large rink or take them out once the rain had stopped. The nature studies teacher would show them anthills that had not been washed out or tell them how insects and small animals survived the rains. Occasionally the art teacher would point out different designs made on the window panes by the rain.

He looked for the insects in one corner of the yard and found some unusually large ants coming out of a hole.  Soon, there was a long queue climbing his boots.  He stomped to get rid of them but they kept coming.

The school guard materialized and took him to his cabin. He pumped some insecticide on his boots and advised him, ‘Never, ever come here when it rains’.

Words < 175

Thank you Priceless Joy



26 thoughts on “Post Rain

  1. Such a shame he could not stay at his old school, it sounded a great place, my sort of school. Worried about the large ants – what are they – capitists ?

  2. I like the way the nature studies teacher made such good use of the rainy days. Not the boy will just have to learn not to go poking about in anthills, or anything else he knows nothing about. Nice story, Yarnspinnerr.

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