Revisiting Hindu Mythology

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The first journalist of this planet Narad reached the cosmic-seat of Lord-Varun to find an empty 20th century chair in place of Makar  (Varun’s -throne) .

Dom had also just reached there. He had come to lodge a complaint about the inadequate availability of water on Earth and its  poor quality to the Lord of all-waters in cosmos.

Narad invoked Lord-Vishnu and enquired about Varun and Makar.

Dom – I think Makar has been sold to a circus and Lord-Varun has resigned from the post of God of all-waters in the cosmos.

Narad rushed to Lord-Vishnu’s cosmos, chanting – Narain, Narain.

Words > 100


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



16 thoughts on “Revisiting Hindu Mythology

  1. Pure water is a precious thing – known about for many centuries – yet people still die from a lack of clean water. It reflects badly on the circus of life

  2. Narad was one of my favourite charecters in Hindu Myth. A lovable trickster goofball. You included his trademark “Narayan Narayan” chanting, that just made my day. Wonderfull story.

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