The Malefic

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Thank you Mike Vore for our photo prompt this week!
GKVS Rajan morosely contemplated his chances in the forthcoming electoral battle. He had lost the previous two; even failing to secure a backdoor entry in to the upper house. Soon he would be forgotten and relegated to the has-beens trash can. His family astrologer told him that nothing could be done till the ‘shani’s saadesaati’ (inauspicious position of Saturn in his horoscope) did not end.
Rajan thought of his father GKV Raju who had never lost. He won seven times in a row from his constituency and had died as Minister of parliamentary affairs sitting in his ministerial chair. Rajan concentrated on things he did differently – yes he had discarded Daisy May the old campaign vehicle named after his father’s mistress and political manager. He intensely disliked the two daisies.
He ordered the truck to be refurbished and phoned the cranky Daisy May at her Coimbatore residence – ready for her harsh words.
Words ~153
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10 thoughts on “The Malefic

  1. His father might’ve been successful, but he seemed to fail at important things, too (such as being faithful and respecting his family). I like that Rajan is willing to take a chance, do things differently, and go against the tides. At least, that’s my interpretation! Great job with this take of the prompt

  2. It is a shame that there is not a set of traffic lights for politicians – green for good – red for bad – amber for unclear yet. But

I love arguments

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