He came back

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Mike Vore. Thank you Mike.

The general was addicted to billiards. Some believed him responsible for the loss of a minor skirmish, where his country lost a few miles permanently to the invaders along with many soldiers as he failed to give proper orders being too busy winning another game. The canons were shot both on the table and on the border. He was dishonorably discharged but continued to enjoy his addiction till his last day.

His family continued to suffer even after his death as the balls continued to click in the billiard room each night. There were shouts of applause, curses and loud arguments.  Finally the billiard table was dismantled and stored and an elaborate exorcism was pronounced in the billiard-room.


Richard flunked in all subjects. His parents investigated and found him to be addicted to digital-pool. He was inseparable from his android phone.

‘Has the General come back as Richard,’ wondered the General’s grandson.

Words  ~ 153


Thank you Priceless Joy




8 thoughts on “He came back

  1. Nice take on this, the general addicted to pool, so much he lost lives in a battle. Maybe he’s cursed to haunt despite the exorcism. Maybe he’s back in his grandson. But I also know sometimes there are families with genes more prone to addiction?

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