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This tree stands at a bend in the narrow road deep in Satpura hills in central India. A foot-track by the tree leads to the village down below. It is a shortcut to the village but hardly used. The villagers avoid it as many have seen a corpse hanging upside down on the upper branches. Others have seen a royal horseman fetching the corpse and still others have seen the corpse flying back to its perch laughing raucously.
Such tales have come down to us from ancient Sanskrit literature and is a part of popular stories. Comic strips and TV serials have been made around this theme. However nobody claims them to be true and even a tentative authorship is not known.
A wise man from the village believes that the old tree was the author of these stories in one of its human incarnations and was cursed by a sage for telling him lies.
Hope none of us meet that particular sage.
Words < 175

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