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Thank you Maria for this week’s photo prompt.

The river flowed through the valley, fed by many waterfalls from the rocky hills. It was a spectacular sight. He had found thousands of planets that looked like Earth – but he had not found Earth. Many of these supported life, but much of it was primitive with no civilizations.

Failure filled his mind. This too had looked like Earth from a distance. The search was so hopeless, but the promise of home had kept him motivated.

‘You are a new ethereal being – something unexpected. I look forward to your progress with much hope’. The dense mass of ether had informed him when he had suddenly found himself shapeless and confused wandering in the milky-way. ‘However, to achieve your full potential you need to find a human body to live.

Go forth and find your true powers’.
Words ~147

Thank you Priceless Joy



15 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am not sure that I want him to find earth, he sounds altogether to powerful, then again I wonder how many of his kind have already arrived.🙂

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