A weird place

Prompt  ….

The immaculately manicured small garden is a part of larger patch of cleared land. It was the meeting ground for some assassins today. Yesterday it was a site for a covert meeting of two politicians conspiring to overthrow the duly elected government and the day before kidnappers had collected a ransom in this very place. The list of unsavory activities that goes on here is long and gruesome.

Occasionally it is transformed into an orchard or a picturesque riverfront. The apparently magical place is available to all for a steep price with the settings that one wants. Essentially it is a film set which can be converted to many forms using props. Its location and price ensure that only the very rich hire it.

Once a year, on the day of spring equinox the earth here is turned upside down. No human has seen it and lived to tell what actually happens. However, practitioners of black magic come here (next day) to collect discarded snake skins.

Words  ~ 163

Thank you Priceless Joy




23 thoughts on “A weird place

  1. The setting’s creepy, but beautiful at the same time, shifting to suit the desires of whoever visits it. The place must have amazing stories to tell, if it could talk.

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