The penalty for reckless driving involving the death of a child, for example, was lowered to a $780 fine and a one-year prison term. “It is not possible to replicate 100% of the road safety laws of America, England or Canada in Indian conditions.
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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The passenger-door mirror is the only evidence authorities have in trying to solve a hit-and-run which left a 20-year girl bicyclist hospitalized with life-threatening injury.

“I don’t have any details of the large car.” She told the police.

The mirror is used in 10 year old models of BMW.


Sir, your BMW hit a girl between 7 and 8.00 pm on 8th of this month. She is seriously injured. Who was driving it?


Minister (to his driver), ‘You were driving the BMW on 8th and shall be adequately compensated. Get details from Bhaiya (minister’s-son)’.

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Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



24 thoughts on “Privelege

  1. Great story, I’m sure the loyal servant will take the blame no problem. The information about the fine for causing a death in India is even more shocking than the fictional story!

  2. I agree with Iain the info on the fine for causing death in India is shocking. So is the story because I’m sure it happens.

  3. I’ll chime in about how scary the intro about the real-life fine is — how shocking! And the story rings true too, unfortunately: those in power can literally get away with murder.

  4. Not to be redundant, I shall ditto all the above comments. I don’t think I’d ever try my hand at driving in India!

  5. Power and money can always get away with letting someone else take the blame. This is all the more shocking given your intro. It’s a pity higher safety standards aren’t aimed for at least.

  6. This sounds sadly familiar. I don’t know how some people sleep at night with that on their conscience. Perhaps there conscience has long ago been put to sleep. Good writing, Yarnspinner. —- Suzanne

  7. That’s what happening here at daily basis. They get away lightly. Few less poor people make no difference to these rich and power full. Powerful story.

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