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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise of The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you.

The white mansion in the upper left corner of the prompt belongs to Jerry Khasgar-II. The road in front of the mansion leads to an old fort. It was later converted in to the main jail of the region.

Jerry Khasgar-I, father of the present owner spent many years in this jail. Like his son he was also a recluse and spent considerable time watching the sea and the neighboring hills. He actually fell in love with the site and built this mansion right next to the jail.

The reclusive tycoon lives alone in his opulent mansion though it is designed to entertain guests  with a magnificent foyer and dance floors. These facilities are utilized when JK-II stages his private parties.

On 18th June each year JK-II organizes a grand get together for his shareholders.



 A CBI team on the beach keep a watch – compiling a list of the guests arriving at the mansion.

The sniper on the roof of the mansion waits for the sun to set ….

Words <175

Thank you Priceless Joy



17 thoughts on “JK I & II

    • 🙂 As a flash it is a standalone piece allowing the reader to make his own conclusions. But, some times in future depending upon the mood of my muse …… why waste the basic ingredients.

      Thanks for the read and the interest.

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