Prompt  ….

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

On one of the moons of a planet – 2371 light years from Earth, three human like beings are huddled around a screen. A data sheet in strange language is on display.

#1-Do we go ahead?



#2-There is no need.

#1-So we go in for location B.

2#We wait. In fraction of a light year the intelligent life forms on the planet will have eliminated themselves. In a few hours  (25 days in their time scale) there have been 120 acts of ideological violence killing hundreds. Intelligent life shall soon be extinct there.

Words ~ 96


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



45 thoughts on “Quondam

  1. I sometimes think intelligent life has already been made extinct with all the senseless acts going on around the world. Aliens would view us and be unable to understand. Nicely observed.

  2. Succinctly put. Very little intelligent life to be seen down here sometimes. But these events do show the best and the worst of us. As long as people respond in such amazing ways, there’s still hope, albeit small. A well spun yarn

  3. These aliens will have the run of this place in no time. Why waste ammunition when your enemy is willing to use their own to destroy themselves? I like your take on the prompt.

  4. Waiting is smart strategy. Sun Tzu says “Wait by the river long enough and the body of your enemy will float by you.”
    Those aliens have us figured out.

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