True blue

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Thank you Magicsticgoldenrose for our photo prompt!

The owners of this castle are true blue and real nutty.

One of their fore-fathers lived on rice gruel believing it to be made from cooked pearls. He did it because he was too good to eat the commonly available food items.

Another past owner who served in the East India Company was in the habit of removing his glass eye, clean it, and put it back in its socket – then ask his subordinate if it was straight before firing his musket. Needless to say he never returned from one of the many skirmishes with the local royalty.

The present owner collected stones from the roadside and built a little cottage for himself. Now he feels uncomfortable without the extra weight and always carries a bag of stones. ‘The state helps me to remain v(i)able’, he claims (a fact as he has not paid his taxes for last many years). However, he intends to say that ‘the weight helps him to remain stable’.

 So few people dare to be eccentric, these days .*

Words <175
*Exact quote is – The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigour and moral courage it contained. [That] so few people now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of our time” — John Stuart Mill, 1859

Thank you Priceless Joy



17 thoughts on “True blue

  1. However do you think up these stories-within-a-story, YS (they sound like they could be partly or even all true)? These are inspiring, too; makes me want to write a fantastical story about some eccentric person, location, or object. Hmm . . . and thank you for sharing, Y.S.!

    • It is difficult to document the actual process. My muse takes me on strange journeys – for eg on this prompt … it was all about eccentricity.

      Thanks for the visit, read and appreciation.

  2. What a great quote for our times. And your story reflects it so well. I’m wondering what other food stuffs could be compared to jewels etc to make them more attractive.

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