The Moon Conflict

The full Moon is thought to be responsible for a long list of human problems.
In 19th century England, lawyers used the Lunar defense.   They claimed  that their clients were not accountable as they committed the crime because of moon’s influence.
A multitude of well conducted and flawless scientific studies have disproved the effect of moon on human behavior.  However, as a result of its own research and experience Sussex police decided to   put extra officers on the streets during full moons in a bid to curb unruly behavior in 2007.
Prompt  ….

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The inhabitants of the railway colony in Nagpur were relieved and happy with the cloud cover. It signified a breather from the scorching summer heat and arrival of the monsoon.

They continued with their routine life till the moon peaked through the cloud cover.

All waited with bated breaths – and finally the long  booooooooooo hooooooooooo   emerged from one of the flats in the top floor – a banshee like scream that  was shrill, loud and frightening.

Words ~ 77


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



37 thoughts on “The Moon Conflict

  1. Back when I worked as a first responder we were always told to be prepared for back to back, double, and even triple calls the night of the full moon. And, they were right, we’d always be swamped with everything from “farting crosswise” to ‘weird a**” injuries, to fatal accidents/fires. It was always a 48hr period where even the rookies got their fair taste of what the job could be like at it’s worst.

  2. A mental health therapist, I interned in a nursing home for one school term. It was just a matter of course for meds to be doubled, doors to be guarded, even the alarms on wheelchair seats to be engaged for 24 hours during the full moon. I saw some pretty weird behavior. Made a believer out of me.

    And by the way, the Latin word for moon is “luna”–hence “lunatic.” this is a very old belief that I doubt will be displaced by modern scientific studies 🙂

    • Human behavior is difficult to quantify. It may be the reason for the discrepancy in research studies and personal experience. All said and done there is no valid proof that God exists, yet majority of scientists do have faith in some form of supreme being.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and POV.

  3. My second daughter was born on a full moon and I swear the girl hardly slept during a full moon the first two years of her life. I should have named her Luna! Great story!

  4. And then what happens? Life is not about to improve for the Nagpur residents. Liked the lulling nature of the opening and suspenseful end.
    Living away from streetlamps gives a greater sense of why there might be a lunar effect – full moons provide enough light to see, walk, and burgle?

    • I think many of such events (man made and paranormal) will keep being brushed under the carpet. There is no premium in spending money to understand them.

      The full moon light has also been blamed for the effect.

      Thank you for the input here.

  5. Scientific studies have been proven false in the past. Of course, the moon can have a psychological effect on people and cause them to believe they’re affected. It does affect the tides and we’re beings with a close connection to the ocean. It does make a person wonder. Good writing, Yarnspinnerr. 🙂 — Suzanne

  6. I think science is missing out on the study again. It might be gravity or something that knocks everyone off their axis. Who really knows? Probably because a full moon provides light in the dark and it’s fun to go crazy under those conditions. Anyway, I hope Sussex gets their acts together soon.

    And a fun story, too, Yarn! Five out of five Werewolves of London.

  7. There’s a theory since we are made up mostly of water, the moon affects us as it affects the ocean tides. Don’t know how true this or if it is scientifically based. But is something to wonder about in the shower maybe.

    • Unfortunately it has been ruled out as it is true for very large water bodies.
      Many explanations are given but do not really hold true … either it pertains to our culture or some other factor that we do not understand at present.
      Thanks for the interest. 🙂

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