The flood

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Thank you Kecia Spartin for this week’s photo prompt.

Ram, a villager stranded with a few others on a sliver of land encircled by flood waters – decided to climb a tree to see if he could spot a rescue boat. There was nothing that even resembled a rescue boat.

He looked down to communicate but the raging waters had swept everything away. Ram was now truly struck on the tree. He resolved to get down from his perch. Once again he looked down for suitable bough or fork – only to find the large snake slithering in the branches just below him.

A rescue boat soon reached the spot and one of the rescuers assured him that it was a non-poisonous harmless snake but Ram refused climb down.  The rescuers had to shoo the snake away from its comfortable perch before he finally climbed down.

Words <175
Ten times more people die in car accidents as compared to those that die from snake bites globally.  Yet we are extremely cautious of snakes and handle cars so casually.

Thank you Priceless Joy



30 thoughts on “The flood

    • Floods are an annual feature in large parts of Southeast Asian countries. They bring along rats, snakes and such creatures adding to the misery of people. There have even been instances of man biting the snakes to save themselves – I had decided to use this as the story for the week but my muse took over and the above story was the final result.

      Thank you for the read and response.

  1. These rescuers usually tell anything that the person waiting to be rescued would want to hear. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they tell the truth.

  2. Great note at the end, I totally agree. I almost wish the rescuers had rescued the snake instead. Okay, not really — but maybe relocated the snake to a nice safe tree before coming back for the scaredy-cat person.

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