The Hidden Stairs

Myths, folklore and things that speak in symbols can be interpreted in so many ways. Often the actual image is clear enough but the interpretation is infinitely blurred, a sort of enormous rainbow of every possible color you can imagine. ~ Diana Wynne Jones (British writer of fantasy novels).
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Nobody knows when and why the staircase was built. However, it was hidden in a dense forest and people outside had no knowledge of its existence.  Deep inside the forest, nearly 2000 people lived in 10-12 villages. Till very recently they had no contact with the outside world and could meet their needs through their skills and knowledge – garnered over many thousand years.  They attribute their good luck to the fertility shaft –  the official staff of the tribal chief.  It was a just sturdy living branch of some tree and its circumference was wreathed by glistening green leaves; new twigs sprouted from its brownish golden bark.

A few years ago a team of archeo-ethnobotanists reached this valley. They especially investigated  the fertility shaft and called it a living branch of Kalp-taru*.  One day a helicopter picked them up and they vanished along with the fertility shaft.

Soon the forest withered away and the stairway provides an easy access to the villages to many exploiters.

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*Kalpa-taru is a wish-fulfilling divine tree in Hindu mythology. It is mentioned in Sanskrit literature from the earliest sources. It is also a popular theme in Jain cosmology and Buddhism.

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17 thoughts on “The Hidden Stairs

  1. According to our (Hindu) mythology, the Kalpavriksha will appear only to the deserving ones. Someone in the research team is indeed lucky. Well written, YS.

    • There are many such places in the world which became accessible in last 2 -3 decades. The original people had a lot of wealth in terms of ancient knowledge and natural resources. These have been exploited by all types.
      Many thanks for the interest.

      • It seems that even if the majority of people are kind and good-intentioned, it only takes a few people who are selfish and exploitative to ruin things for everyone else. Sad commentary.

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