Prompt  ….

Thank you Louise for this week’s prompt.

Joe had collected the eggs and was maneuvering his boat for the return trip. He heard a voice  ……

“We have been here on this Earth for the last 210 million years. We had a family of more than 210 species. Now we are just seven. We live for 80 to 180 years and inhabit all the larger seas except those at the poles. We live in the seas and come to land for laying eggs and always to the same place where we were born. We have been eating and surviving on your poisonous waste for centuries.

Long time ago a land cousin of ours won a race, but today we are losing out because of people like you.

Go back and return those eggs to the croc’s nest. They are not safe for you to eat and shall not make you a Casanova. Moreover, these eggs are tagged with a marker and if you take them – you shall soon be in jail.”

Joe returned the turtle-eggs and never came back.

Words <175

Thank you Priceless Joy



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