Luki Mantra

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Thank you T J Paris for our photo prompt!

The kayakers decided to visit Mayong.

It is a small village on the bank of the river Brahmaputra in Assam. Once considered the cradle of black magic in India, Mayong is a tourist attraction because of its history.

Folklore suggests that in the earlier times, there lived a sorcerer by the name of Chura Bez in Assam. The word of his magical powers had spread far and wide, and with good reason. Chura Bez was known to be able to disappear into thin air just by muttering the ‘Luki Mantra’ (invisibility charm text).

The kayakers came back after a few days. They could not ignore the urge to check if they remembered the mantra ………..

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 Interested in knowing more about Mayong

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18 thoughts on “Luki Mantra

  1. Cool story, YS. I love that phrase you use, “cradle of black magic.” I venture to say that most folks don’t think of India as having any “black” magic. We’re more aware, I think, of all the good things that come out of (or originate in) India—the Buddha, Hinduism, Gandhi (Indira & Mahatma), Taj Mahal, the wildlife, mathematics, medicine, music, movies, Diwali, etc. I’m always suspicious for characters that receive wishes or special powers, because, of course, the gods/deities sometimes double-cross us or we are too weak-minded to resist them. Call me a killjoy, but I’d be the boring story where the lady refuses the genie’s 3 wishes! 🙂 Have a wonderful week in beautiful India!

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