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Kumbhkaran the brother of demon Ravan is known  for his extremely large size, huge appetite and his capability to sleep. He used to sleep for six months, get up eat his fill and go back to sleep for next six months.

Once the meal was not to his liking and in great anger he chopped of the head of his chef and then felt extreme remorse as he was a distant cousin who shared his gargantuan physique.  He ensured that his cousin’s head could not be destroyed by any means.

The chef’s body was cremated and the head fossilized with time.

Words ~ 101

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



44 thoughts on “Indestructible

  1. Seems like a totally plausible explanation for that rock to me. Gruesome and bloody and the product of impetuous, regretted behavior — like so many legendary stories!

    Also, am I the only one who read that he sleeps for six months and immediately thought, “Ah yes, that sounds lovely, let’s do that starting right now”?

  2. It was nice to hear kumbhkaran’s after so long and so many childhood jokes around hi and my grandmother’s Ramayana flashed. Thanks so much.🙂
    A wonderful take on the prompt.

    • Glad it appealed to you.
      The myth of Kumbhkaran is from the epic Ramayan. A link is there in the post. Besides you can find it on the net in form of text, or visuals.

      Appreciate your interest. Thank you.

  3. You are so imaginative. With an ease you come up with new stories on photo prompt. I just think and think and think, by the time I’m ready,late by atleast two prompts.

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