The Nawab’s Cook

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Cooks that served nobility were often as eccentric as their masters.

Once a cook came to a Nawab’s court seeking a job.

‘What do you cook?’ inquired the Nawab.

Cook – ‘ I make only Dal (lentil soup)’.

Nawab – ‘OK, you shall be paid 20 rupees a month ’.

Cook – ‘Sir, I have a few conditions’.

‘What are these conditions?’ Asked the surprised Nawab.

Cook – ‘Sir, I need to be informed a day before Dal is desired and it has to be eaten within half an hour of being cooked.

The cook was hired and one day soon Nawab desired him to make Dal. The Dal was cooked and the cook requested the Nawab to come for dinner.  Alas the Nawab was busy.

He waited for an hour and then walked out of the Nawab’s palace. The Dal boiled over and overflowed.

Later the kitchen-staff disposed the Dal at the base of an old dried tree. Surprisingly the tree sprouted new shoots soon.

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28 thoughts on “The Nawab’s Cook

    • Dal or the lentil soup with bread or rice is the fare of common people in India and often the rich look down upon it ….. preferring animal products over it. it is nourishing, balanced and the tree certainly enjoyed it.

      Thanks a lot for the encouragement,

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