Brewing a King’s Virtues

Prompt  ….

The road in front of the palace was blocked. This was the third time this year. The new royal seer had started this. Unfortunately it caused a lot of problems to the people.

The Rajguru – chief advisor to the king also lodged an official protest.

The seer was called to the court to explain his actions.

Sir, I was preparing a concoction of the 32 royal qualities for yo so that you can be the best king in the world.

Why on the Rajpath (royal road)? Are the palace premises inadequate??

Too true sir! They are full of intrigue and greed – such concoctions should be assiduously kept free of such ingredients.

Well how long do you need to keep th Rajpath blocked?

Just one day more …..

And what shall you tell you them.

Simply that once I have completed this exercise – your King shall be the best in the world; comparable to the great Vikramditya – as he too would have the wisdom of the legendary king.

Words <175

Thank you Priceless Joy



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