Then & Now

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bulltot

Once the tykhana (basement) here was full of women bandaging torn limbs, dressing stinking wounds and soothing dying children – they cringed at whine of bullets and crash of cannonballs striking their besieged shelter.

Summer was followed by torrential rains that brought outbreaks of typhoid, cholera, malaria and dysentery. Death stalked the 3500 residents (1800 civilians) for 141 days. This was at the East-India-Company’s Residency at Lucknow in North-India during the so called Seepoy-Mutiny (1857). Finally 24 Victoria Crosses were awarded to the rescuing British forces.



Ghosts are still encountered yet the lawns are favorite haunt of lovebirds.

Words ~ 99

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



59 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. Thanks for reading my take. I enjoyed yours as well. Both of ours were troubling signs of what damage we can foist upon one another in the name of some unknowable, and often unjustifiable objective.

    • Most of the English know little about their past colonies as most of the people in the colonies know little about their past rulers. Then the perspective on historical events is also very different.

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. The whole of history is laced with stories of exploration, invasion, and the exploitation of continents and their people. We humans may credit ourselves with being the most intelligent of all animals, but we are certainly the most willfully destructive and least likely to learn from past experiences. Thank you for sharing your seeds of wisdom.

  3. Great recount of a historical event. The revenge killing that followed the mutiny was barbaric too. A Lieutenant Kendal Coghill is quoted as saying ‘We burnt every village and hanged all the villagers who had treated our fugitives badly until every tree was covered with scoundrels hanging from every branch’

  4. Hi Aesop! This is my first time on your blog and I suspect that you are a fellow Indian with your love for Tulsi Das in Hindi and this brilliant take on the prompt. It took me back to my History (my fave subject then) classes in school. I enjoyed this brief poignant read. It´s always sad when mankind takes hatred to the extreme level. I´ll keep visiting for more such brilliant reads. Keep writing. Cheers!

  5. So much hatred and killing, in the past, in the present and future doesn’t seems any brighter. When all this will end? Your takes on prompts are always interesting.

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