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Thank you Shivam25 for this week’s photo prompt.

Flowers are divine manifestations of magical and spiritual between the overt and covert. They are a form of energy that allows one to penetrate into the heart of truth if one has the capability to tune in to their unique vibrations.

The botanist contemplated the flowers pots in his lobby. These have such intricate details of mathematics, biology, chemistry and medicine hidden in them. The beautiful flowers he grew so assiduously were short lived since last few days. He decided to investigate and sat watching them.


Mrs Sharma in the adjacent flat was performing her ritual pooja. At her age it was difficult to gather all the essentials so she had switched to ‘mental-offerings’. She anointed the many deities she worshiped with water, sandal paste and rice grains. Next she closed her eyes and visualized herself offering the choicest flowers to each deity. Then she went on to chant the different mantras.


The botanist saw a few flowers wilt and then fall off without any apparent reason.

Words <175

Thank you Priceless Joy



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