Let not light see ……

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An asteroid hit the South Pole in 2020. Though there were no direct deaths the resultant environmental disaster and human sickness changed political thought. Suddenly environment and health were primary issues. Most of the countries signed the United Nations Convention for Mandatory Use of Clean Fuels. 

A major transition from one fuel to another has only occurred once in the history of human beings, though a number of fuels (clean or otherwise) are known but none is universally used. The transition from wood to coal helped trigger industrialization. Such a transition has huge financial implications – the cost rises in direct proportion to the greenness of the fuel to be used.

The growth of state capitalism in most democratic countries ensured that energy production was in governmental control. The rising cost of governance also ensured that electricity was beyond the affordability of the common man.

A few dim lights in the elite areas defied as well as defined the darkness in most cities.

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19 thoughts on “Let not light see ……

  1. Actually, it would probably be a large meteor or small asteroid if it caused that great an effect.

    In my ongoing scifi time travel series, I used the 1908 Tunguska Event, the massive explosion over Siberia as a trigger for climate change (one of the alternative theories is that the blast gave a “jump start” to the pollutants already in the air as the final trigger for initiating climate change), which, in my fictional tale, would result in human extinction within the next 50 years.

    As part of my fiction, I replaced the natural event with the explosion of an experimental alien ship. My team of time travelers managed to change the ship’s trajectory through time but made matters worse by redirecting it to explode over New York City on October 26, 2020.

    I created a “happy ending” by again, redirecting the ship out to the asteroid field so it would “harmlessly” detonate (vaporizing about a third to half of the asteroid belt’s mass) averting climate change all together.

    Fiction’s grand, isn’t it?

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