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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Mumbai is dirty and polluted with small pockets of opulence. These are accessible only to rich. The five-star hotels and clubs are fabulous. They serve lavish poolside buffets amid immaculate lawns. However, just few feet away (behind the enclosing walls) there are families living on the street.

Back home it is fresh air, green fields and good quality fresh food. Nevertheless, life here is good with chauffeured AC cars, housemaids and other underlings to lord over.

When did you come here?


And may I ask why?


Words ~ 88

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



25 thoughts on “Micro-economics

  1. We can never completely go back to a “kinder, gentler” world–which is really a fiction, isn’t it? To de-industrialize is to put literally millions of people out of a job. And they won’t have the first idea how to survive.

    • It is not a question of opting for de-industrialization. It is the economic and legislative pressure due to environmental concerns and social policy – manufacturing in many countries is no longer economically feasible.
      Thanks for the read and the interest.

  2. The disparity between rich and poor remains whether we industrialise or de-industrialise. For life to improve for some, others always seem to have to suffer or lose out. A great through-provoking write.

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