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Thank you Elaine  for our photo prompt!

The alien space ship had its first brush with human race when it encountered a space probe orbiting Mars. The aliens radioed a simple message to the humans using Morse code – ‘We come in Peace’.

Conspiracy theorists claim that aliens have been visiting Earth. The world leaders know but keep it secret from the public for political reasons. The disclosure activists believe that the recent UFO file declassification means the lid is about to come off once and for all. The message was intercepted by amateur radio users and became viral. The media had a field day.

Six months later a crowd gathered to witness the arrival and welcome of aliens by world leaders.


The green men (actually they were neither green nor men) in the domed-saucer monitored the minute details of the massive gathering. They focused on the ‘LOVE’ poster and tension in the ship became a palpable entity.

How did they learn that we have triggered the Loss of Violent Energy program on Earth? The aliens thought.

Words <175

Thank you Priceless Joy



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