The shelter

Prompt  ….

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Jung met Freud in 1907 and the two men talked for 14 hours. Jung being younger learned more about Freud’s theories of the unconscious.  They corresponded extensively.  At one point they were great friends and shared many of the same theories.

However, Jung soon (1913) opted to leave the claustrophobic shadow of Freud and developed many new theories and disagreements with Freud.

Beyond the history of psychology the take home message is – humans and a host of organisms find shelter under a great tree – but nothing achieves its full potential.  Ponder on it Ahish, and the Professor walked out.

Words ~ 100
 Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



29 thoughts on “The shelter

  1. According to the 1994 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation “Emergence,” Sigmund Freud and Gertrude Stein once met on the Orient Express and had dinner together. I’ve found a few items on the internet to corroborate this story. Memories of a bygone era.

  2. Very effective. I was wondering where it was going bit the last two lines said it all. Pupil teacher relationships are both enriching and claustrophobic, but that’s life…we learn, we share, we move on… but not away from the shadow of our tree..?

    • I have used the example of a great tree because another great tree does not grow under it. In fact very large trees are not conducive of any growth (eg banyan). They provide shelter but a sheltered life does not promote growth. This is especially true for academia – hence I used the example of these two giants of modern psychology.

      Thank you for your interest.

  3. A nice take on the prompt and a great message. When there were protests and objections at the Metro Man – E Sreedharan’s retirement he also said the same thing 🙂

  4. Well I just happened to get a free original copy of Freud’s psychoanalysis (1924) and it has a postcard in it from 1944 – i have to be careful about what books I add to my scaling back collection it this good condition hard cover seemed to call.
    Anyhow – can’t stand much of jung or fraud – I mean Freud – but both were brilliant and did some remarkable things in their day and age – but I am super glad we have Neuroscience and other tech to help inform psychology – oh and your fiction piece was wonderful – felt so real and especially the way a professor would exit!!

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