Phantom memories

Prompt  ….

Thank you Grant-Sud for this week’s prompt.

The old man opened the pink door. He saw soot-caked skyscrapers, squat tenements, concrete, glass, metal and wood for miles in all directions he could see. He saw traffic lights and thousands of cars on miles and miles of road. He could fathom a million places for the invisible enemies to hide and wait in the large urban jungle sprawl below him.

Behind him he could see his daughter painting the door red (she had no red paint so she had used this vile pink) as he had debarred her from ever opening it. He could see her brother teasing her about it and draw the icon for a portal with chalk.


I need to cut down on all those memory blockers – I am seeing things that have not been here since ages.

Words <175

Thank you Priceless Joy



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