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Thank you Dorothy for this week’s prompt.

The main tent has been replaced by a number of smaller tents. The man in shalwar, kurta and a hat stood silently and contemplated. The number this year may be  fractionally less – he thought.

Never mind I am here to …………

The tents feed some 2,000 workers a day from different countries. Most of these men live alone and are away from their families. They do not have any family to feed them during the month long fasting. This is a form of emotional support to them and I am here to take care of them.

Long ago in the holy month of Ramdan* – one day I had fasted and at sunset had no money and nobody to care for me. Passing by a food stall I had asked the cook for a piece of salt to break my fast.

The cook had given me a meal, taught me to cook and my luck changed. Now, for the last few years I repay him by cooking the iftar* meal.

Words <175

Ramdan ~ the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset.

Iftar ~ the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan.


Thank you Priceless Joy



13 thoughts on “Recompense

  1. This was a interesting mix of fact and fiction. It is always good to remember those who help us on our path though life.

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